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Welcome to the world of CARE®, where fun, safety, and excitement collide in perfect harmony. Our vibrant range of products is designed to make every moment unforgettable.

Join us in the adventure of pleasure with confidence – because at CARE®, it Just Feels Right!

About Us

Founded in 2005, CARE® began from a fun chat among friends. When they noticed international brands using Malaysian latex, they saw an opportunity to create a local, affordable option.

Today, CARE® offers diverse textures and flavors, proudly serving Malaysians and beyond. Your go-to choice for safe and responsible intimacy, no matter where you are.

Why Choose Us

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Client Testimonials

CARE® not only provides reliable protection but also stands out for their commitment to innovation and engaging social media content. The quality of CARE® is outstanding. They provide a sense of security and comfort, making intimacy worry-free. Knowing that I can trust their products gives me peace of mind, which is essential in such matters.
Cannot Tell
CARE® sells toys now so you know a girl had to get it >:)))) it's actually good to use, no cap 😮 AND I love the little metal lovebox its so tiny and cute and its p useful to keep things. 12/10 defo recommend
Still Cannot Tell
Thank You So Much CARE®. Giving A Lot Cxndxms.
I Cannot Tell

Let's Spice Things Up with CARE®!

Ready to add some sizzle to your life? Join CARE® and discover a world of excitement and safety. Explore our vibrant range of options today and ignite your passion with confidence!

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